Wednesday, 3 April 2013

MCC Llama

A few months have passed and I figured I should actually write a blog post. The main change in this version is Llama can now let you make events bassed off MCC and MNC. These are Mobile Country Code and Mobile Network Code, and lets your identify the phone network you are connected to. This will allow you to determine which country you are in, as well as a different way to check if you are roaming or not. Since I live in London, far away from any border, I haven't been able to test it 'in the field' (maybe I should go on holiday more?), so any feedback on how well it works is appreciated!

There's a few other changes too...


  • MCC/MNC condition
  • Added 'contentDescriptions' for accessibility, so blind people can use Llama easier
  • Google Play bumped up their maximum in-app purchase price, so there's a new crazy donation option. If any one ever uses this:
    • You have far too much money!
    • Thanks! ;)
  • Fixed scrolling problem in SignalLevelCondition
  • Less crashy on ROMs with weird WiFi permissions
  • Wireless charging added to charging condition
  • Updated Japanese, Russian and Polish translations. Thanks guys!
  • Keyboard now forced open in more text fields
  • Added android.permission.ACCESS_SUPERUSER permission, which has a scary message on the Play Store install page. This may get relegated to something like the CALL_PHONE build of Llama, since I can predict the influx of 'OMFG WTF SUPERUSER' comments. Llama won't request it unless you use an action that requires it, so we shall see...

As usual, export your Llama data before installing test versions.