Tuesday 23 October 2012

Half-done Holo Llama

It's been waaaaaay to long since the last blog post. But I haven't just been twiddling my thumbs. This version has a number of new features. You can now set event delays in seconds. This involved a number of fairly evil changes to Llama's internals, since before everything was aligned to the next minute. It's been running fine for a couple of days though.

Llama can now format NFC tags by stuffing a http://llama.location.profiles/nfc URL in them. This is needed so that Llama doesn't have to be the foreground app for it to grab a tag. Otherwise you may end up with Llama and another app fighting over who should be in charge. You can of course overwrite the tag once you no longer want to use it with Llama.

Llama's Android Intent action now lets you set extras, which means you can pass more nuggets of information to third party apps.

And finally, I've finally set the theme to use Holo if it's available (API level 11, or Android 3.0 for the non-developers among you). This means Llama looks a bit different, and that the positive/negative buttons on dialogs have swapped around. This may take some getting used to! There's no action bar yet, and the tabs still look like boring tabs, but I hope to make Llama all nice and Holo-y.


  • Better NFC support... NFC tags can be 'formatted' for Llama
  • Half-finished-Holo UI
  • Intent actions can have extras defined now
  • Some bug fixes related to Wifi
  • Override number of max event recursion (when variables change, Llama checks events again and has a safety switch so it doesn't get stuck in a loop)
  • Override number of saved cells and event history

As usual, export your settings before installing this version. It does have a fairly hefty change to Llama's internals regarding the time. If you rely on Llama, maybe give it a week or so just in there's any bugs.