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Thanks to the Llama translators:
  • Russian - Speysar, AlexDerev and fidelich
  • Italian - mzo
  • Croatian - navdra
  • Lithuanian - Petras Šukys
  • French - nico@nc
  • Polish - PeeJay
  • Spanish - Sordnay and Javier Araujo
  • German - diemadedrei (send donations via PayPal to benschuette1@webBANANA/ - remove BANANA/1234 if you aren't a spam-bot)
  • Slovenian - Kos (novakprimoz12@BANANA/ - replace BANANA/1234 with gmail)
  • Hungarian - Gábor Barta
  • Japanese - akiyoshi
  • Chinese (Simplified) - athena-秋风
  • Chinese (Traditional) - Hector Lin / 黑特
(Note: Some of these translations are still a work in progress, so will not appear on the Market version.)

Please get in touch if you'd like to translate Llama into a different language.

Llama Translation Tool

The page below shows you all of the phrases in Llama. You can use it to view the translations for a language, see what phrases are missing and also create a new language. This page uses Javascript and has to be updated manually by me.
Please contact me before you use this tool... someone else may have already done so and I may not have got around to updating this blog page. I don't want you to waste your time!

It works best in Chrome. Firefox and IE will freeze up whilst it's doing stuff, just give it time.

Translation Data

This textbox contains a computer-readable copy of the phrases that you have entered. You can use it to copy your changes to the clipboard, which you can then paste into Notepad and save as a text file. To reload your translations, simply paste the text you copied before into the text box and press the 'Import translations' button. It doesn't matter what language is currently selected.

Translation Data for: no language selected

When you are happy with your translations, press the Email Translations button. This will open your default email client. Then you'll have to copy and paste the contents of the Translation Data text box into the email body manually. Most web browsers don't allow Javascript clipboard access :'( You should also give me your name or nickname so I can thank you in the app :)

Translation Tips

  • Please try and keep any symbols (like hypens, question marks or exclamation marks) intact. In some places you will see \n or \u0020. These are 'new line' and whitespace. Try and format your translations according to how the English is formatted.
  • Llama is friendly, so use informal language if possible :)
  • I'd prefer if you didn't translate the word 'Llama' into your language, since it's an acronym, and also the name of the app.
  • Also, you may see %1s, %2$s (or %1$s). These will be replaced with a piece of text. e.g. 'set %1$s to %2$s' will be replaced as 'set BLUETOOTH to 1 minute'. If your language requires you to swap the order that they are inserted, then your translation can be written as set %2$s for %1$s for something like set 1 minute for BLUETOOTH
  • Press the ENTER key to move to the next translation textbox. If you need a new-line in a translation, type \n instead. e.g. Hello\nWorld

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