Feature Requests

Here's a list of stuff that's on my to do list:

TypeDescription and notes
ActionSMS messaging
ActionCall forwarding - http://www.arcx.com/sites/gsmfeatures.htm
ActionStart/Shutdown llama action
ConditionSamsung music player?
ConditionCalendar events that are for all events in a calendar (rather than named events), and calendar-event location, and comma-separate the calendar words
ConditionPhone shutdown trigger
ConditionMultimedia dock - ACTION_ENTER_DESK_MODE
Conditionwifi cycle on/off, bluetooth cycle on/off conditions (for use with minimalistic text)
ConditionHardware keyboard open/close
Condition/Llama gutsTodo app integration (taskos, astrid)
Llama gutsHandle app reinstall properly? (PACKAGE_CHANGED intent)
Llama gutsLlama settings versioning - to detect updates
Llama gutsArea grouping
Llama gutsAlternative event model
Llama gutsDisable APN witohut MMS
Llama gutsHandle profile unlocks that would have occurred when the phone was asleep
Llama gutsCM7 profiles
Third partyDropSpace support (hopefully easy via a shortcut)
UI/UsabilityWidget - show icon, current profile
UI/UsabilityCombine APN/mobile data
UI/UsabilityRecent wifi mac/name should be combined, then menu asks what you want to do
UI/UsabilityMake disabled events more obviously disabled
UI/UsabilityLearning should let you pick either cells or wifi MACs
UI/UsabilityCustom icons/custom llama colour
UI/UsabilityDefault lock times for profiles
UI/Usabilitynon-wordy event descriptions
UI/UsabilityProfiles list should be a grid with big buttons
UI/Usability/Llama gutsGroups for People picker