Monday 7 January 2013

Signal Strength Llama

The version contains one new condition and a handful of bug fixes.

The documentation for GSM signal levels is pretty good. However, I can't say the same for CDMA or TDMA networks. If your phone is a CDMA or TDMA phone please let me know how you get on with the signal strength condition.


  • Roaming condition is alive
  • Change ringer/silent/vibrate setting in profiles can be used without volumes again
  • Wifi MAC address beacons also store their network name. Looks ugly for the mo.
  • Devices with dodgy WiFi drivers/software no longer crash Llama because of the UPDATE_DEVICE_STATS permission problem. Instead, Llama will show an error notification.
  • When checking if volumes have changed, Llama will now wait a bit after the call ends, because some phones were still reporting the wrong volume levels.
  • Stop learning an area if it's deleted

As usual, back up you Llama data before installing test versions.