Monday, 18 April 2011

Who's bored and wants to translate stuff?

Well I missed my own deadline for the market release, but at least I spent the extra time doing the most tedious and boring part of any piece of software... copying the pieces of text into resource files so that it can be translated into different languages. When I first started writing Llama I never meant to release it to anyone, so I didn't bother with any localisation. It also wasn't supposed to do half of the stuff it can do now! It was literally to just shut my phone up when I got to work. Ah well, hindsight.
If anyone fancies doing some translations for me, then get in touch (the email address is in the app). There's a list of 580 phrases that need translating :D otherwise, I'll chuck it through Google translate and see how that goes. In the mean time, there's a new beta with the localisation ready (but only English at the mo) and some minor bug fixes.
I've also had no luck getting Llama to force Android to update its location without the screen having to be on. I blame Google. Bad Google! Here's an issue for you all to follow:
I had attempted to read the radio log cat, but it appears that the logs don't update with any juicy information that give away the current cell ID. A future version of Llama will let you blink the screen every 5 mins or so, so that the location updates. Maybe I can set the screen brightness to zero to fool it into not actually turning on the screen. Meh.