Monday 24 June 2013

Llama vs S4: Round Two

I've had some luck getting Llama to play nicely with the Galaxy S4's default messaging app notification tones. Llama will now try and detect if your phone is an S4 and apply sound profiles slightly differently. This is exposed as a tickbox in Llama's settings named 'Use deprecated vibrate API'. Galaxy S4 owners should have this setting unticked. Llama should set it automatically the first time you run this new version. If you have a Galaxy S4 and it isn't ticked please send me your phone's 'Model number' under About in your phone's settings app.

In Android 4.1+, the setVibrateSetting was deprecated. This API was great... it allowed you to set vibrate differently for ringer and notifications. It also seemed to turn off notification vibrations globally, depending on how an app would read this setting. Anyway, it's gone now... but Samsung's stock SMS app must have still been reading its value and then interpreting the value differently to every other app under the sun. If you don't have a Galaxy S4, you can just leave it ticked and Llama will behave exactly as before.


  • Galaxy S4 notification fix (hopefully)
  • Updated German and spanish translation

Please export and backup your Llama data before installing test versions!