Wednesday 8 May 2013

Llama vs S4

Something on the Samsung Galaxy S4 breaks horribly when Llama is installed, but I have no idea what. That's why it ain't on the market. You're welcome to install the versions from the blog posts below and give it a try to see if you have any issues.

From various emails and bug reports this is what appears to happen.

  • After installing Llama, only the SMS app is unable to play notification sounds.
  • Other apps (e.g. Gmail) are able to play notification sounds.
  • Uninstalling Llama does not fix the problem, nor does playing with volume settings nor reassigning a notification tone in the SMS app.
  • Everything goes back to normal when Llama is uninstall and the phone is restarted.

So, what has Samsung (or I?) done to make all this not work? I have no idea. It'd be great if someone with a Galaxy S4 could lend a hand in diagnosing what's going on.

I'd need a system-wide dump of the logcat. You'll either need to be rooted and install something like CatLog, or install the Android SDK on your PC, connect your phone via USB then run adb logcat. Get in touch if you can lend a hand: kebabapps@[everyone's favourite Google-provided email domain]