Sunday, 8 April 2012

Boring market release

I've released a new Llama to roam free on the Market, or Google Play as its now called. I still can't get used to calling it that. There's not much exciting going on in this release. It's mostly the previous blog posts version, with a few different things.

One email I get all the time, and probably the most common "OMFG teh rubbish 1-star" comment, is about uninstalling Llama. When you activate Llama as a Device Administrator, you won't be able to uninstall Llama without first deactivating it as a Device Administrator. To the detriment of my sanity, Android doesn't even tell you this. It just says 'uninstall unsuccessful'.

The device admin settings can be found in the Location and Security settings on Android, but as per usual, other manufacturers will move all of the settings about. Llama now has a bigger warning before you enable it as a Device Administrator. Hopefully people will remember to untick it before uninstalling Llama, rather than emailing me ;)

The other change since the last blog post is a way to immediately accept a confirmable event from the notification that appears, which saves me one click when my Bluetooth headset connects :) hooray for laziness!


  • Big fat warning about disabling Llama as a device admin BEFORE uninstalling (when using screen off/lock password actions)
  • Instant event confirmation from notification
  • Updated German and Slovenian translations
Download from the market Google Play