Saturday, 21 January 2012

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring LlamaTone!

Introducing LlamaTones! A way to control which notification sound other apps play when they want to notify you. Llama now lets you change the sound depending on the current profile. You can have one profile play your awesome annoying ringtone that you paid a fiver for, and have another profile play a more discrete beep. You can do this by editing your existing profiles and setting up LlamaTones.

In one of your profiles, create a LlamaTone and give it a helpful name. e.g. Gmail. You can then specify the ringtone that profile should use for Gmail notifications. Then edit your other profiles' LlamaTones and set which ringtone that profile should use for Gmail. The final step is to tell Gmail which LlamaTone to use. Do this by editing Gmail's notification settings and using the 'LlamaTone' picker that will appear.

There's also some other random fixes in this build, mostly ICS related, since ICS is a very different beast to previous versions of Android. Sometimes so different that the Android API isn't even up to date. Did you know it's no longer possible to set AudioManager to Silent? Neither did I. Some of you may have found Llama constantly trying to put your phone in silent mode forever. Instead, ICS now reports itself as vibrate but with both ringer and notification vibration turned off.


  • Autocompletes for variables and groupnames suck less. Would you believe the default Android autocomplete textboxes don't scroll vertically?!
  • Search for events by name
  • Android Intent action now has category field
  • Noisy contact can now be set higher than 7
  • User present condition, which fires after you unlock the screen
  • Call state condition lets you choose ringing, in-call or idle
  • Fixed wonky dots on ICS
  • Fixed wonky silent mode problem in ICS
  • Option to ignore volume changes while in a call, for phones that incorrectly report volumes while in a call
  • Fixed two calendar events ending and starting at the same time
  • Locale plugin fixes
  • Repeating calendar events in ICS handled better
  • Bluetooth WakeLock now gives up after a minute if Bluetooth didn't enable properly
  • LlamaTones!

Anyhew, backup your data before installing this version just in case I've been a numpty and broken something. That way, you can reinstall the market version and carry on as you were before.
Edit: I've been a numpty... battery events are working again in this version. That's why you should export your events ;)


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