Sunday 27 November 2011

100,000 Llamas

The Android developer console says Llama has been downloaded 100,000 times now, and because it's a nice round number caused by the fact we have 10 digits on our hands we should celebrate! Although I'm not quite sure how to celebrate yet.

In the meantime, there's a bunch of new features to play with.

Version 1.2011.11.27.1700:

  • Audio becoming noisy condition, which may react faster than headset unplug or Bluetooth device disconnected on some phones.
  • Desk dock condition
  • Shutdown phone action.
  • Locale action plugin support
  • Speak action (requires Android Text-To-Speed engine.)
  • Calendar events can now filter by all day and busy/available.
  • Updates Minimalistic text widget when the phone boots, so that it isn't blank.
  • WiMax toggle should now work on more phones.
  • Llama no longer updates the vibrate mode if it hasn't actually changed (to prevent some superfluous vibrates on Samsung phones.)
  • Fixed calendar reading in Ice Cream Sandwich.
  • Speedier event tracking... Llama now only checks those events that are likely to be triggered when testing events, rather than checking all of them. However, this only makes about 200-300ms difference.

As usual, export your data before installing test versions, just in case you have to revert to the market version!

Download Llama - FYI - I've found a bug. Repeating or delayed events may not fire. If you use those, don't install it yet. Expect a fix later today.