Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Generation Changing Llama

After the semi-success of the 2G/3G test app, Llama can now change your phone between 2G, 3G and 2G+3G. This has probably been the most requested feature ever, however I've delayed implementing it for a couple of reasons:

  1. Your standard Android build doesn't let third party apps change the network mode. Unfortunately, Llama is still no exception to this.
  2. My previous network only supported 3G. This would have made testing a bit troublesome

This feature only works on Cyanogenmod roms. There's about 745,751 of you out there, so let me know if it's also working for you. If you haven't tried Cyanogenmod yet, are a bit geeky and don't mind potentially breaking your phone, I'd recommend installing it.

Back to the phone network thing (and if you aren't from the UK, you probably won't care). I'm now with giff gaff. If you click the link and activate a SIM, I get some cash. Nice. They're also cheap n cheerful: £10 a month for unlimited internet and unlimited texts, and these phone call minutes things... does anyone actually talk on the phone anymore?? When changing phone networks, you'll be connecting to a bunch of different phone masts, which makes all of that previous learning useless. This version also has a bulk remove feature that lets you delete all the cells, but keep all of the area names (and events) that they belong to. Then it's just a case of long-tapping the areas to relearn them.

Version 1.2011.10.26.2300:

  • 2G/3G
  • Updated German, Spanish and Polish translations
  • Bulk remove all cells, wifis, Bluetooths and map locations from areas (this is tucked away in settings)
  • Calendar events should now work on Honeycomb

And here's the link....

As usual, back up your data before installing this, just in case I've screwed something up