Monday, 31 January 2011

It's been a couple of days...

So firstly, thanks to all of you for downloading Llama and thanks for your positive comments and feedback. I've updated Llama a number of times since it was first put on the Android Market. The change log is below. It was at the top of AppBrain's hot apps for about half a day which I was pretty pleased with, so thanks to them and everyone that visited the AppBrain page too! Also thanks to the peeps over at for their feedback. Finally, a massive thanks to you guys that have donated! I now have enough for one pint :) Cheers

Here's the changes up til now:


  • Multiselect for Enter and Leave area conditons. These are treated as ORs. e.g. Arrive 'London Office' OR 'Cambridge Office', change profile
  • Change Brightness action
  • Time Between picker now scrolls horizontally for small screened devices
  • Fixed duplicate naming of areas, profiles and event
  • Fixed rotation problem in event and profile editor
  • Event editor doesn't let you add the same condition/action more than once
  • Bluetooth permission as well as Bluetooth_Admin permission
  • Ignore No Signal/Unknown cell option now defaults to on, since that's what most people would probably want
  • Warnings rather than Force Closes when you forget to choose an area to enter/leave or a profile to change to
  • Music playing/paused condition
  • Clone events
  • Max volume sliders now read the correct max volume from the phone. Not all phones are created equal.
  • Notification volume is now part of profiles
  • Fixed some force closing related to profiles and APN