Tuesday 18 November 2014

Lollipop Silent Fix

So it appears that Android's audio APIs have gone completely wonky in Lollipop. Vibrate mode seems to be basically dead... it must now be up to individual apps as to whether they want to vibrate or not, rather than having a system-level override/setting for apps to check. And silent mode has the bug discussed in the previous post.

Anyhew, this is a temporary(?) fix that no longer uses the Ringer Mode API to set the device to Silent. Lollipop treats that as 'priority notifications mode'. Instead, Llama now just sets the volume levels to zero.


  • Llama now sets volume levels to zero for your silent profile, rather than activating silent mode. Meh.

You probably don't need to install this if you aren't running Lollipop :)