Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Llama menu

Not much exciting in this release. Llama's ageing UI doesn't play nice with some phones that have no physical menu button, and don't show the legacy on-screen menu button. This version puts the items that are in the menu-button menu into the Llama button's list of menu items.


  • Llama? button's menu now shows menu items that appear in the old-skool Android menu button popup menu


Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Toasty Llama

I've added a quick and simple feature to Llama. You can now pop up toast messages (those are the grey boxes towards the bottom of the screen) as part of events. You may want to use these to debug your events or maybe as a quick and simple reminder to do something. You can also get them to show the values of Llama variables. This will be useful if you use the toggle, increment or decrement variable actions. To show a variable surround it by two hashes. e.g. The value is ##blah##


  • Added Toast action so you can show messages, including Llama variables
  • Added option to vibrate when unlocking profiles
  • Fixed call state problem when ringing

Usual deal... back up your Llama settings before installing test versions


Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Bugfix Christmas Llama

This version fixes a few issues with Llama.


  • Fixed bug caused by weird Bluetooth device names
  • Ignore cells that are Integer.MAX_VALUE, since they are clearly wrong
  • When a profile is locked until a certain time, and then you relock to that profile again, Llama will just adjust the unlock time, rather than cancelling the lock altogether.
  • Updated Russian translations


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Little Llama Update

Some small updates... nothing too exciting!

  • Ability to stop queued sounds with the play a sound action
  • Headset condition can differentiate between a headset that has a microphone or no microphone
  • Can now import from a Llama URL, since clicking Llama links is flakey :(
  • Updated Russian translations

As always, backup your data before installing test versions


Monday, 12 August 2013

Market time!

It's market time again! ...or at least it will be in a few hours for 10% of you. Staged roll-outs are lovely. Of course, if you're reading this blog your probably aware that you can get the exact same version from the link below. This version contains all the stuff from the previous versions as well as....


  • Updated French translation
  • Nexus 4 -1:-1:-1 cell ID between every cell change fix



Monday, 29 July 2013

Llama flight

In Android 4.2 airplane mode was made a system setting, so Llama couldn't change it without root access. After 4.3 Llama can no longer use normal API calls to send the broadcast that needs to be dispatched after changing the airplane mode setting. Therefore, Llama now sends this broadcast using root access and the am command.

Here's an Android issue tracker item that's related.


  • Fixed flight mode in Android 4.3 (still requires root access)
  • Added Brazilian translation
  • Updated French translation

As usual, backup your data before installing test versions.


Monday, 24 June 2013

Llama vs S4: Round Two

I've had some luck getting Llama to play nicely with the Galaxy S4's default messaging app notification tones. Llama will now try and detect if your phone is an S4 and apply sound profiles slightly differently. This is exposed as a tickbox in Llama's settings named 'Use deprecated vibrate API'. Galaxy S4 owners should have this setting unticked. Llama should set it automatically the first time you run this new version. If you have a Galaxy S4 and it isn't ticked please send me your phone's 'Model number' under About in your phone's settings app.

In Android 4.1+, the setVibrateSetting was deprecated. This API was great... it allowed you to set vibrate differently for ringer and notifications. It also seemed to turn off notification vibrations globally, depending on how an app would read this setting. Anyway, it's gone now... but Samsung's stock SMS app must have still been reading its value and then interpreting the value differently to every other app under the sun. If you don't have a Galaxy S4, you can just leave it ticked and Llama will behave exactly as before.


  • Galaxy S4 notification fix (hopefully)
  • Updated German and spanish translation

Please export and backup your Llama data before installing test versions!