Monday 17 November 2014

Lollipop Llama Lameness

Another Android update, another load of stuff that behaves weird or doesn't work any more. These aren't fixed yet, and probably can't be fixed until someone figures out a workaround or another hack.

  • When changing screen lock password to blank, Lollipop will still show you the numeric keypad and you need to press enter. This was always a bit of a hack, but it's probably an oversight that it doesn't show the slide lock... the Android security settings screen thinks it is in slide lock mode, but the lock screen doesn't.
  • Llama's notification appears on the lockscreen. You can set Llama to 'on going notification no icon', which hides it from the lock screen, but also hides the icon which you might be using to see what profile is active. It'd be nice if notifications had a flag saying "this really isn't exciting enough to appear on a lock screen, but should still show an icon".
  • Silent profiles put the device in priority notification mode, but setting the profile back to normal does not change the notification priority mode. This one appears to be a bug.
  • Airplane mode... yep, still can't be changed by apps... probably requires root still. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)
  • Mobile data... also broken, Llama has always been naughty by using an API that it shouldn't be using anyway. Fortunately, there's a shortcut/locale-plugin if your phone is rooted.
  • UPDATE 20th Nov - getRecentTasks no longer works in Lollipop. This means the Active App condition won't work any more for security reasons. Fine, but what about those of us that like to automate our phones? Meh. There might be hope though!

I'll keep my eye on things, but don't expect a fix any time soon. I'm not sure I want to put Lollipop on my main device yet... I've grown far too attached to Xposed modules, and the changes in Lollipop don't excite me enough to give those up!