Sunday, 21 April 2013

Llama Triggers

Llama's events fire when all of the conditions in an event are true (i.e they show as green), and one of those conditions caused a 'trigger' to occur (if you're quick you may see this as a green underlined condition in Llama's Events tab). A trigger is something like the moment you enter your home, or the moment it becomes 7pm. However, there are times when you'd only want Llama to run the actions when a certain condition is triggered.

Llama now lets you decide which triggers can cause an event to fire. You can modify this under the 'advanced' part of the event editor. If you deselect a condition, it will still be checked to see if the event should fire, but it will never cause the actions to be run (another condition will need to do that). By default all conditions added to an event will act as triggers, unless you edit the event to say otherwise.

...and there's some bug fixes and smaller changes in this version too.


  • Trigger filtering for events
  • Fixed possible crash caused by airplane mode condition
  • Fixed airplane mode condition not working from the last version
  • Intent action string extras can now use variable names. Use double-hashes. e.g. ##variablename##
  • Llama home-screen shortcuts will no longer show any previous Llama activities that you may have had open (Android 3+ only). You'll need to recreate your shortcuts, as the flag for this is stored by your launcher, not Llama :'(

This version tweaks the event saving format of Llama, so backup your data before moving to this version just in case you have to uninstall it.

Download (fixed, now has all languages again)