Monday, 17 December 2012

Nearly market time again

A few small changes before a market release which I hope to do soon. The good thing about Christmas time is I have lots of time off real-work, so I can do stuff like this :)


  • Fixed cryptography issue with Android 4.2 and screen lock password action
  • Updated German translation
  • Time-between timepicker container now scrolls horizontally if there's not enough vertical space. On Jelly Bean the timepickers themselves are vertically scrollable, which causes problems when they are placed in a vertically scrollable container
  • A little bit of work done to multithreading Llama. It's still disabled by default, but when enabled it'll pop up a 'thinking' dialog when Llama's service is busy, rather than freezing the UI and showing a horrible ANR dialog. Not all parts of Llama run on the right threads at the mo, so this will still be crashy when enabled.
  • No longer spams the crap out of logcat... which isn't much use any more since it requires root to grab every log message in the system
  • Fixed background colour of some list dialogs when you have a weird system colour theme

As usual, backup your settings before running test versions, just in case things are broke.

Download (link fixed, it was pointing to the English-only version, rather than the multilingual version)