Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Happy new Llama!

Happy new year Llama lovers! Firstly, thanks to all of your that have used the in-app donation options, especially the guy that donated the steak. That's awesome :)

This version now lets you put your events into named groups. I've started using this already by throwing the 30 or so dev/test events I have into their own group.

Another much-requested feature is support for moving the app to the SD card. This is now possible but I don't recommend it. If you mount your SD card to your computer, Llama will be closed. Any events that occur while Llama is closed won't happen. Ever. Llama can see what's going on if it's not running. When you remount the SD card, Android doesn't broadcast anything helpful to those apps on the SD card, so it won't restart immediately either. It will start eventually though... turning your screen off then on will do the trick.

Another feature someone requested was to use the next alarm time as a condition. This proved to be a bit of a challenge, as Android doesn't actually store the alarm time somewhere handy. It does store the 'Thu 7.20' message you see on the lock screen though. Llama tries to parse this. The alarm condition's configuration says when the next alarm is due. Can you let me know if you run into any problems! The alarm condition works in two ways: either as a trigger when the next alarm is due, or a simple yes/no for whether an alarm is set. The example the guy that emailed me gave was he wanted a reminder to set an alarm if no alarm was set when he plugs in his phone. You can achieve this by doing:

When there's no alarm set, when charging between 9pm and 1am -> Reminder, play a sound, vibrate lots, etc

Version 1.2012.01.04.2244

  • Install to SD card (see comments above)
  • Android Alarm clock trigger/condition (see comments above)
  • Expandy grouped event list
  • Kill apps actions now let you select more than one app
  • Added 15% brightness which was A.W.O.L

As usual, back up your settings before installing this version, just in case you have to revert to an older version

Download - oops, just noticed I left the 'press menu to toggle between grouped and ungrouped' code in. Eventually I'll move that to its own button or an option of the filter dialog. It may get annoying depending on how often you press your menu button on the events tab.