Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A quick update before I go to sleep

I've spent most of today implementing some feedback, rather than fixing stuff. If anyone's still running Android 2.1, please get in touch. I need to know if the screen rotation action behaves for you. It wasn't working nicely in the emulator, but I've unfortunately learnt to never trust the emulator.

Here's what the next market version will contain:

Version 1.2011.12.28.0113

  • Lots of German translation updates. Cheers!
  • Reminder notification ticker-text no longer says 'Llama' in it, so that notification readers don't speak 'Llama' before every reminder.
  • Screen lock (buggy) action now be slightly less buggy. You can ask Llama not to disabled it until after you've unlocked the screen at least once. You'll need to update your events with the new setting.
  • Screen rotation condition. This might misbehave on Android 2.1 :(
  • Areas tab now shows current area in green.
  • Recent tab now shows areas in a variety of colours, or red if the cell is not added to any areas. These two follow the 'Coloured event list' setting, which I'll rename if I remember in the morning.
  • Preference screens no longer limited to 4 lines.
  • Llama Trails - a way of logging all of your movements. There's no way to view them yet, but you can start logging. I'll probably throw together a C# WinForms app, since that's the quickest way til I figure out how many people will actually use it.

As usual, export your data before installing test versions.